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Vacuum Packing of Foods

We do special vacuum packing for Roti, Thepla, Paratha, Bhakri, Puran Poli, Vadas, Samosa, Khakra, Pickle, sweets etc.

Vacuum Packing is a method used for food preservation by removing all the air before sealing or packing it in packets or containers,

after the process complete the packed or sealed food remains last longer for few more months and it will stay fresh and safe.

Benefits of Vacuum Packing or Sealing:

1. It requires very less time to pack.
2. Preventing air contact will help remain food fresh and last longer.
3. Help protect taste and flavors of the food.
4. Maintain moisture and prevent freezer burn.
5. Prevent growth of microorganisms.

Suppose you are going for a holiday or out of station for some days and don’t want to miss your favorite home made foods or restaurant foods

then vacuum packing is a good choice for you,

because you can easily vacuum pack all your favorite foods and carry it wherever you go and the best part is

the taste and freshness will remain there for you.

Whether you are planning for holidays or going out for work, studies or you want to send foods to your relatives or children studying in abroad, then just contact us or give a call

we are expert in doing vacuum sealing and packing with safety that helps maintain food freshness and taste.

Special Vacuum Thepla available @ 400/- Rs. per kg

Special Vacuum pack Roti’s available @ 450/- Rs. per kg

Vacuumed Packed Thepla