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Price List

Now, Enjoy taste of Indian delicacies anywhere in the world.

Punjabi Dishes

Rates applicable from 1 March,2023
Product Name Price (in INR)
Aloo Bhaji ₹160
Bhindi Masala ₹170
Dal Fry ₹170
Dal Makhani ₹195
Dal Khichadi ₹170
Jeera Rice ₹125
Mumbai Misal ₹160
Palak Paneer ₹210
Paneer Bhurji ₹210
Punjabi Gravy ₹210
Punjabi Chole ₹185
Rajma Chawal ₹175
Pav Bhaji ₹185
Schezwan Rice ₹185
Sev Khamani ₹170
Tawa Pulao ₹185
Veg Makhanwala ₹210
Veg Kolhapuri ₹210
Methi Malai Matar ₹210


Product Name Price (in INR)
Mumbai Misal ₹160
Kanda Poha ₹70
Upma ₹70

Sweet Dish

Product Name Price (in INR)
Gajar Halwa ₹240
Mung Dal Sheera ₹260

Indian Breads

Product Name Price (in INR)
Roti (45 Pcs) ₹450/Kg
Thepla (40-42 Pcs) ₹450
Paratha (30 Pcs*) ₹450


Product Name Price (in INR)
Jain Manchow ₹60
Jain Tomato ₹60

*All above Products are available for Jain & Non Jain.
This Rates are with Vaccum Packaging.

You can also get your Home Cooked Food Freeze Dried.
Processing time is 48 hours.
Food Quantity should be per item 2 Kgs.

Weight with Price

Weight Varities Price (in INR)
2-10 Kg Minimum 2kg per item ₹500/Kg
11 Kg+ Minimum 2kg per item ₹450/Kg
21 Kg+ Minimum 2kg per item ₹400/Kg
51 Kg+ Minimum 2kg per item ₹350/Kg