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Our Cost & Discounts Offers

We know everyone wants to check the price of products and services they want to buy,

Bonus: Discounts and Offers are also listed at the end

and that’s why we too created the list of charges we charge for our services such as foods dehydration and foods vacuum packing.

Below is the pricing table displaying the no. of items, items weight and rate per kg respectively, for more please contact us.

Description Rate (Rs.)
2 Kg 1000/-
3 Kg 1500/-
4 Kg 1800/-
5 Kg 2250/-
6 Kg 2700/-
7 to 11 Kg 350/- per kg
11 Kg and above 325/- per kg
21 Kg and above 300/- per kg

Vacuum Packing of your Roti, Thepla, Paratha, etc @ Rs. 40 per pack.