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How dehydration of foods preserve taste and vitamins

The best and simple way to preserve foods for long term use is to dehydrate it, but dehydrating foods required good knowledge of the process.

But when applied carefully, it gives longer shelf life to your favorite foods and allows your foods to preserve its taste and enables you to cook it in a very short period of time.

This drying process of foods preservation removes water from the foods, but keep the nutrients of foods safe and taste is also preserved.

Before we go further into foods dehydration methods,

I would like to put few advantages of it below.

  • know as a great way to preserve foods
  • increased shelf life of foods
  • the process is very simple
  • easy to carry foods anywhere
  • can last up to one year
  • it preserve the important vitamins, minerals and enzymes of vegetables and fruits.
  • requires less space for storage
  • easy to pack for traveling and camping
  • doesn’t melt as foods are dried
  • foods taste also improved
  • act as good source of vitamins and minerals in urgency
  • removes bacteria, micro-organisms, molds etc
  • you can save your favorite foods for future use.

At this point, you now know few foods and vegetables dehydration advantages,

but you might be thinking how does dehydration process removes bacteria and micro-organisms from foods

and how it prevents them to enter again in foods? right?

Before making dehydrated foods recipes just understand, every living things needs water to survive, whether its a tree or a bacteria, or a micro-organisms everyone needs water to grow, what if they don’t get water? they would probably die, right?

Here comes the dehydration process, which effectively removes moisture (water) from foods so the mold’s, bacteria and micro-organisms couldn’t able to survive in your foods.

After the drying process, the foods outer parts becomes hard and this prevents bacteria, micro-organisms to enter again,

Now you have the idea how this process protect our foods from bacteria etc, just think what effects it has on our foods vitamins, minerals and taste? right?

Let me tell you how does dehydration preserve vitamins, minerals, taste etc.

you know this process removes water from foods and prevents bacteria, yeast etc to grow and spoil our foods.

but on the other hand, the enzyme (a natural substances which helps foods to ripen) actions are slow down without deactivating them, so they remains active in the foods and this help foods does not easily get spoil and preserves its taste and minerals.

Friends I am here to help you, you can always contact us for any queries you have, this information above is to let you inform about how foods gets processed and what are in’s and out’s of this process.

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