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Dehydrated Food

With the world coming closer than ever before, thanks to technology,
the food industry is in a constant state of innovation.

What is Dehydration?

Dehydrated meals are pre-cooked meals that are dehydrated so that they can be stored and then be reydrated when you want to eat.Dehydrated foods retains nutritional value and freshness. It also decreases the size of the food, which is useful when you’re travelling and want to carry a light load and also for students who are away from home.

Currently, more Indians travel for studies, work or pleasure across the globe.Despite the availability of small & big restaurants & food joints in each & every part of the world it’s not easy for people to find vegetarian food internationally.


Dehydrated food is suitable for

Dehydrated Meals can greatly benefit students as well as frequent travellers as all meals are without any preservatives or additives.

Foreign Students

While, your dear students are busy studying in foreign they don’t need to worry about home like food and hygeine. They can prepared their favourite sabji in minutes with help of our ready to eat meals.


You can enjoy your business trip and camping session without worrying about food preparation. Our ready meals packets are light weight and easy to prepare anywhere in the world.


Working Couples

While, both partners are busy in their business achieving new heights everyday, our food helps them prepare everyday meals in time with all nutritions preserved.

Corporate Events

At, corporate events/workshops this can be blissful as it only needs hot water. It’s convenient and delicious as well.


Process of Dehydration

See how delicious food turns wonderfully into ready to eat food.


Preparing Food

Fresh or cooked foods are flash frozen, then placed in a vaccum chamber.


Circulate Hot & Dry Air

Machines circulate hot and dry air across the food. This removes much of the water.


Moisture Removal

The moist air is then dried so that water continues to be removed. The temperatures are high enough to remove water but not high enough to cook the food.


Dehydrated food is packed

Dehydrated food is usually withered and harder.

We also dehydrate
Home Cooked Food

Most of foreign students take benifits from above facility to enjoy home cooked food while they are away from home.

We take Home cooked food in bulk and process it with our advanced machinery so that food is dehydrated and it’s shelf life is increased to 9 months. whenver one needs to eat food just need to add hot water as required and wait for 5-7 minutes and delicious home cooked food is in it’s original form. Feel free to contact us about any questions.