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Vacuum Packing and Dehydration of foods from Mumbai

We are specialist in vacuum packing of foods and dehydration of foods and based from Mumbai. Our office is located in the south mumbai section.

Welcome to My taste My meal, as the name says my taste and my meal is exactly what we try to achieve here, we make sure your favorite foods preserve its taste and benefits after the dry dehydrating process

After it gets dried we seal it in airtight packet we called this sealing process as vacuum packing of foods, although there are foods that could be directly vacuum packed.

You can also come to us or send us your foods for vacuuming it.
Mostly people come to us with their home made foods for sending it to outside India, the foods include roti, thepla, khakra and pickles etc for vacuum packing.

We have lots of parents who send foods cooked with love to their loved ones living outside India, they bring items like dal, rice, chole, bhendi, veg biryani etc and we too dehydrate and vacuum them with safety and care.

Why don't you try us, we bet you will be very happy with us. We are serving from 2011 and we don't want to stop it because we love foods and people who love foods.

You can always contact us using our contact page or mobile numbers at top of every page.

Thanks for reading and visiting us, keep loving foods :)