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Dehydration of foods

We do dehydrating of your home made & favorite restaurant foods in room temperature & without adding any chemicals or preservatives.

Food is process in such way that it will last for 4 months without losing its taste.

Products which can dehydrate are all gravy items, chole, dal, rice, pav bhaji, poha, upma, bhendi, tendli, usal, all types of rice, biryani, dal makhani, tava pulav etc.

Following are the benefits of dehydration:

1. It’s very easy to carry anywhere around the world.
2. It is very convenient for students, travelers to carry as it reduce weight & easy to cook.
3. It can get cooked very fast & easily.
4. Self-life of the food increases by 4 months.

Food Dehydration is a process used to preserve foods like vegetables, fruit, proteins etc for later use,

you might be thinking how the dehydration process works and how it could preserve foods for later use,

if yes? then let us give you some idea about this process.

The dehydration process simply reduces the weight of the food by removing moisture in it,

removes various bacteria that could spoil your favorite foods,

extends life of your foods that requires less space to store too.

Drying your favorite foods or say dehydrating your foods requires good knowledge of the process,

we are expert in doing that and we do it with safety because we care and

we know how much you love your foods.

We use latest equipment’s for drying various types of foods, the process involves selecting best drying method,

preparing foods for dehydration, washing and slicing if needed, quality checking and

last but not the least packing it after the process gets completed.

My Taste My Meal focuses on your satisfaction and uses best food drying methods and

equipment’s without adding chemicals or preservatives.